Omega 3 Index Testing

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Are you getting enough Omega-3 oils in your diet?   

Patients often ask about taking Omega-3 supplements. For those patients with a diagnosis of heart disease, the American Heart Association recommends taking 1 gram a day (1000 mg).  For all adults the recommendation is two servings a week of fatty fish high in Omega-3 content (Salmon, Herring, Trout, Mackerel and Anchovy).  For patients who do not eat fish regularly, a recent recommendation from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology was to take a supplement of 500 mg/day of Omega-3 fish oils.


Recently a test has become available that can measure the percentage of Omega-3 fish oils (called EPA and DHA) in your body. This test, called the Omega-3 index ranges from 0% to 8%. Above 8% is adequate, but for those below 8% supplementation with Omega-3 fish oils has been shown to raise the level to the normal range. The test is very easy to do and can be done while you are here in the office today. A small sample of blood is placed on a card and sent off to a lab for analysis. We will call you with the results, and can then discuss the appropriate intervention if necessary.


The test is NOT covered by insurance, and costs $125. If you would like this test done please ask Dr. Underberg or Vanessa Milne NP at your next visit or call 212-726-7430 to schedule an appointment with Vanessa Milne NP to have the test done.


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